Running Injuries Really Do Suck

They do. They just plain suck. I have been battling running injuries for YEARS. My training buddy made a passing comment the other day about how I hate running. I said, “Woah, hold on, wait a second! I love running!” She was very surprised because she had not heard me say anything good about running since I’ve known her. I said that it was because of the injuries that I’m miserable about running.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands (and with the advice of my coach) and saw the physiotherapist today. She told me what my RMT and I had already decided: my lower back is imabalanced and my IT bands are f-ing tight. So she gave me a bolster to do some really painful stretches for my IT bands and quads. Once we get that under control, we’re going to work on the lower back issue. Also, I’m going to look into getting orthodics. I do believe the time has come to accept the fact that my feet are getting worse instead of better and I need to think of it as a piece of equipment as opposed to a “bandage solution” to my flat-feet + bunions problem. My next steps are getting a recommendation from my doc for orthodics so that they are covered under my health plan and then I’ll make an appointment the next time I go to the phsyio, which is next Wednesday.

Yesterday, I bonked while swimming, but I believe this needs another post.

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