Running: It felt better, then it felt bad again

Over the past week and a bit, I have been training fairly consistently. Last week I did both of my bike workouts and I felt good about accomplishing that. In fact, I did all of my workouts last week. Yay!

Last Sunday I went for my long run and ran 6-miles pretty much pain-free. It was awesome. There were two changes that were made: I did my IT band stretches and I didn’t have my dog with me. I love running with my dog, but for the last few months, I have been having my arm pulled off everyday by this very strong puppy. I believe I am going to get a collar that inhibits the pulling and see if that has an effect on the dog and on my injury. This morning I went for a 10-km run and it hurt after only 3kms. It was so frustrating for me and my spirit was pretty down. It doesn’t help that my dog kept on pulling and pulling and pulling on my arm. I do think that this is the reason for the imbalance in my lower back. The injury started when I got my dog and the only time it didn’t hurt was last week when I ran WITHOUT my dog. It only took me 6 months to figure this out. However, now that I know, I can do something about it.

Also, this morning I realized that I have not done my IT stretches in a few days. This doesn’t help the situation, I’m sure. So I have resolved to get a collar that inhibits pulling and do my stretches and physio work more consistently.

One thought on “Running: It felt better, then it felt bad again

  • October 20, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    Hi Crystal
    I do not run, but power walk and my dog was doing the same thing to my arm — and I had dislocated my shoulder, which did not help. I got an awesome harness – not the kind that goes over the mouth but the one that goes around the dog’s chest… it works like a horse harness and he no longer pulls – he totally heels – it worked so well that I no longer have to use it… it is used to teach dogs to heel and to watch you and pace with you… sure would be worth the try.


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