Triathletes Don’t Party… and there’s a reason for that

Last weekend I discovered why triathletes don’t party – it’s because you need too much time to recover. After a really fun Hallowe’en night, I spent most of Saturday devoid of energy and unmotivated. I did end up swimming on Sunday, but I ran out of time for my long bike ride. Isn’t it interesting that the workout that gets skipped the most is the one that you don’t want to do? I am really going to have to work on LOVING the bike trainer.

Lucky for me, this is my rest week, which I am taking full advantage of. Last night I went for a 12-km run with my running buddy and it was really good. He’s a bit faster than me, which meant that at times I pushed harder than I normally would. However, it felt really good to push and also to not have a sore knee. I got my dog a new collar: one that looks like a torture device that stops him from pulling. It worked like a dream – I should have gotten one of these right away! Oh well, I have one now and am so glad that my knee doesn’t hurt anymore. It definitely makes running more enjoyable. I’m excited to keep running and continuing to enjoy it… I’m sure my puppy would be as well.

I have been having a bit of trouble with anxiety and some personal issues, but sometimes all you need is a good swim to clear the head. Today I did a 1500m swim and it felt so easy and took up very little time. It was really good. I just pulled hard and felt my body really come together. There’s nothing like a couple of good workouts to remind the mind and body to work together!

One thought on “Triathletes Don’t Party… and there’s a reason for that

  • November 17, 2008 at 10:12 am

    thank you for your website and blog. i am also a vegan triathlete. i got my bike trainer yesterday; cycleops fluid trainer. rockenroll.


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