Well, now that I have new shoes and it’s warm out, I’m all about the running. It probably helps that I’ve also signed up for two races in February: The Brain Freeze (a 10-km) and The Hypothermic Half (half marathon, 21-km). Both of them are in February and it is likely that they will be COLD, hence the names. While the idea of getting hypothermia doesn’t particularly excite me, it’s a good way to keep motivated through the winter!

This morning I went out with my dog and had a really nice run. It was a balmy -8C and some of the paths were pretty icy, but we made it through. My right hip flexor was a little bit sore, which is probably from the imbalance in my lower back. So I have to keep working on my IT-band roller and strengthening my lower back. My new shoes are amazing. New shoes are amazing in general. It makes me happy to know that my feet are being taken care of. I might go in and get a running evaluation done by a physiotherapist, who is also a triathlete.

On Friday night I got a really good massage, but it has made my back feel like there is something seriously out of wack. It’s only because it’s looser than it has been in AGES. This week I’m hoping to get a chiropractic adjustment and then another massage next week. Oh, I need it! I’m also hoping to get in some yoga this week, one in a class and maybe one or two on my own.

I’m taking care of business and getting shit done!

Here is my BT long of my run this morning. Does this thing work?

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  • January 19, 2009 at 11:26 am

    Hey Crystal,

    The thing does not work. It just takes me to a page were I have to put in a password. Maybe if I sign up I will be able to see your logs.



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