Planning my workouts and week

I like to plan my weeks and my workouts, but I also like to have some play with my schedule as well. I mean, if a really good social event comes up, I want to be able to go to it. If I feel really tired, I want to take my exhaustion seriously. If I have a neck headache, like I do today, I would like to be able to nurse it and take care of myself. However, it is important also to make sure that I get my workouts done. I have been using the Beginner Triathlon log to keep track of what I have been doing. Also, I have decided to put on my Planned Workouts as well!

The internet can be helpful like that. It’s kind of like if I put it on the internet, then it must be done! Also, it makes me plan my week a little better. I have to look through my workouts thoroughly and really think about what it will be like to do them. This is important to me and doing my training, it seems. I like repeating workouts because I know what it will feel like to do them.

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