Race #1 of the season coming up!

This year’s season is starting a bit earlier than I’m used to Feb. 8th will be my first race. As I mentioned in my last post, I signed up for a 10km run in a race called The Brain Freeze. The name says it all. However, it looks like the weather will be very nice and I’m looking forward to a good run. I’m using this race as a training day. I think I’m going to learn how to [properly] use my Garmin so that I can “race” myself later doing a 10km in my training. Also, it’ll be a good precursor to my half marathon on Feb. 22nd (a race called The Hypothermic Half). Normally, at this time of year it is very cold here in Saskatoon. However, this year we have had a fairly warm January and February (so far). I doubt if it will continue, but I’m taking full advantage of it.

This morning I went for a nice 4.5km run with my puppy and enjoyed the balmy -8C temperatures. I’m having a bit of foot pain in my left arch, but I’m hoping to get that worked out soon enough. I’m going to self-massage to see if I can find it and also ice the crap out of it. I am on a strict massage and chiropractor regiment for the next little while as I ramp up into training again. I love my health support team. I just wish I could figure out how I could get paid for doing my hobby without having to wreck my body.

I’ve been pretty good about logging my workouts, which is cool. Beginner Triathlete isn’t the easiest website to figure out, but it works pretty well. I’m hoping to get some biking and climbing in this weekend as well as the run. I’ll make sure to log it!

I should try to find more interesting things to write in here other than just my training. I’ll work on that for the next update!

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