Pushing the limits

Like most things in life, it is nice to be pushed. This morning I went running with a good friend of mine, who I have never run with before. She was worried about running with me and really wanted to go out hard. So I kept up, I can do that. About halfway through the run, I realized that I was running faster that I normally run and that it felt awesome! We laughed at ourselves and kept going with our fast pace (well, fast for me). Now I kind of wish I had my heart rate monitor on to see how fast that 5km run was, but all I have is the lingering feeling in my chest like it got a workout.

I realized that going a little faster than I’m used to isn’t such a big deal. It probably would have been even a month ago because I wasn’t in any shape at all, but even just a few weeks of swimming, biking, and running has made a big difference. I will have my base fitness back in no time!

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