First week back – I’m ready!

This past week is my first official week back at training. I’m already talking incessantly about my protein intake and having dreams of racing. Last night I dreamed that the end of a half Ironman was really confusing and I kept getting lost. Just before the finishing line I had to run by a cliff and Caillou (my running buddy and canine companion) fell down and was hanging on by the least. I really wanted to finish the half marathon in 2:30, and I was close, so I swung him back onto the trail and we kept going. Oh, dreams, thank you for keeping me thankful that you’re not real.

As far as my first week back, it was really good. Other than my Monday swim, I didn’t skip a workout. I didn’t do anything really crazy, but I did incorporate two strength training sessions and they were great. Anyone who has trained for Ironman knows that it can be difficult to “make time” to spend with their significant other. When I told my hunny that I was going to be spending a ton of my time training, he asked me what that meant. I told him that it meant he should get a bike, but really I meant that quality time with me would be hard to come by. Being the amazing partner that he is, he said that he would work out with me! So I have a strength training buddy twice a week PLUS we get to spend quality time talking about our day while we work on our arms, legs, and abs. It’s great!

I just got back from my first road bike ride since the triathlon in August, which I have yet to write about. This was a great ride. I know that I’m ready to get back into training when I feel so good and like I’m having so much fun that I don’t want to turn around on my bike ride. I mean, it doesn’t get better than that! Doing what I love and loving what I do… that’s my motto for triathlon – training and racing alike.

This week I did:
Tuesday – 5km run, strength
Thursday – 5km run, strength
Friday – 1500m swim
Saturday – 40km bike

To me, I look at this and it looks so piddly, but this is a huge step for me. One week of four training sessions is amazing! This hasn’t happened in almost a year and a half. Each week I want to look back and see that I’m doing what I need to do in order to have a great Ironman race and an awesome season next year. I know what I have to do and I’m ready to do it.

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