Ouch… DOMS takes over

Since I’ve been back into training, over the past4 weeks or so, I have been experiencing a lot of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Since I don’t usually work out for this long at a stretch – at least I haven’t in quite a while – I am not sure if this is going to be a constant thing or if it will go away. I sure hope it goes away. My upper back is incredibly sore, my thighs, calves, and IT bands burn, and even my arms are sore. I’ve went for a couple of massages, but I think I need more. I also think I need more baths. Epsom salts are my friend over the next while I think.

One thought that I have about DOMS is that it is good practice for getting myself to tolerate pain. During an Ironman, or any race for that matter, has a level of pain that must be tolerated in order to finish said race. Pushing oneself to the limits of physical exertion is somewhat painful… or uncomfortable at least. It’s the feeling after that people like myself seek. It’s the feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of blood circulating, the feeling of lungs so oxygenated that it almost feels pure, the feeling of bliss and euphoria. It’s about the rush.

When I see people at the gym (usually people like this are at the gym) walking or working out without putting in much effort, I wonder if they should even bother. For one they won’t have the feeling of euphoria or the rush, even though they will probably feel the accomplishment. I honestly think that it’s the rush that keeps people training… maybe I’m more of an adrenalin-junkie than I thought I was. I wonder how long the people who stroll on the track without ever breaking a sweat stay with their training program. Maybe there are studies out there about it, it’s more of a musing than an actual scientific fact.

In terms of this week’s training, I’ve done a lot of swimming and running – all being awesome. It feels good and today I am quite tired, physically. It has been a trying week, physically and emotionally, with some personal stuff happening. Personal stuff almost always gets in the way of training. Sunday is my day to get my week ready for training, eating, sleeping, and working in a different environment than I have been.

I mentioned before that I was going to try sprouting. So I did. Now I remember why I haven’t sprouted in a long time – I don’t like sprouts! They taste really gross to me. I keep wondering if I just need to get used to the taste, like I have with olives. Another part of me wonders if I should listen to my body and just let sprouting go to the wayside. It’s just supposedly so healthy for me! I might try to sprout some other grains and see how they taste.

This next week will be an interesting test for me in my training and in my personal life. Hopefully it all goes according to my plan.

Also, I hope that you enjoy the new layout!

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