Farewell December!

December is always a difficult month to be motivated to train. It is busy with parties and family gatherings, not to mention buying presents and preparing for the holiday season. This December I was working in retail and it was BUUUUSY! Also, I had two clients have babies in the early part of the month and it really messed up my sleep schedule. Both births went really well with minor complications and both moms and babies are happy and healthy after their natural birth.

I did manage to get in the odd run thanks to my good friend, Kelly. She would call me and harass me to get out there. The other day she said it is because she wants me to do well at Ironman, but I think it’s really because she wants a running buddy. Yesterday she “made” me run for 10 km in -20C and every once in a while she would start chanting “Ironman. Ironman. Ironman,” while pumping her arms above her head Rocky-style. Thanks Kelly for making me run in December!

So here I sit with my canine friend curled up beside me, reminding myself about my yearly tradition to run on January 1st. 2010 is over and 2011 is gearing up to be a crazy year. My focus is, for sure, on training for Ironman and having the best race I can. It is also the 10-year anniversary of my biking across Canada, which is fitting because if I hadn’t done that I probably wouldn’t have thought about triathlons or Ironman.

I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions. In fact, I kind of think they are a recipe for failure. Most of the time people keep their resolutions for one to two months and then fall by the wayside. I believe in making decisions and goals. As a goal-oriented person that has always worked better for me anyway.

That being said, this time of year does make me think about changes to make in the year and ways to make my life better. One particular change I would like to make is to my eating habits. Last year I really let my eating habits go to crap because I wasn’t training and events in my life got me out of the habit of cooking healthy meals. In the past couple of months I have tried to get it back and I feel like I’m getting there. So I have decided to use FitDay to keep track of my diet and exercise online. Here is my profile – vegantriathlete. Hopefully now that I have made myself accountable to you, my readers, that I will update it frequently. It seems like it will be a useful tool. Time will tell, I suppose.

Anyway, I had better get running! It’s not going to get any warmer out there. Currently, it’s -25C in the sunshine and wind making it feel like -35C!

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