Not so bad

This past week I felt like I did nothing… like I had been slacking off. It is true that I didn’t work as much as I have or as much as I expected myself to. One reason for this is that I signed up for a 3-evening Buddhist retreat.

I have been really getting into Buddhism lately and the “retreat” that was a combination of meditation and a talk by a monk who lives in a monastery in California. It was a great retreat, but it was pretty exhausting. I tried to get in training in the morning, but I seemed to need more sleep after the intense brain usage from the evening retreat. Also, I just felt like I didn’t have time to do anything. Cooking was difficult to do because I had an hour between getting home from work and leaving for the retreat. By Saturday, I felt like the sand was running out on my week of working out.

However, I looked at my training plan and actually it wasn’t that bad. I got in a couple of bike rides, a couple of runs, and a swim. I have been diligent about keeping track of my food thanks to an AWESOME online food-tracking website called My Fitness Pal. My profile is here: VT on My Fitness Pal. It is not only a great way to keep track of food, but there is also a really awesome online community… hence, the “pal” part.

Other factors that played into my lack of training: a slight cold that is just below the surface causing me to need more sleep, the weather was awful this week with it’s -40 temperatures making it difficult to leave the house, and extra life stress. This upcoming week is an 8-hour week, which will be good. Next week is 9. Looking forward to it!

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