Over the past two days I took a cycling coaching course that helps coach prepare athletes to race at different levels. It was a really interesting course and one that reminded me of what I’m not doing in my training, which is structured interval training. I have definitely done SOME interval training, but not nearly as much as I should. Considering that I’m getting into my Specific Preparation Phase of my training schedule, my goal is to include some intervals in my training both on the bike and on running. I already do them in my swimming because swimming is always in a controlled environment.

What it also made me think about are goals, mental training, and reflecting on the past couple of “seasons.” I feel like I’ve talked to death about my not finishing Ironman Coeur d’Alene in 2009 and how that has affected me. However, after reflecting on last year’s lack of training and complete disinterest in training, but still wanting to do races, I am just reminded that I love to race and that procrastinating training is sometimes just my mind’s need for a break from the grind. When I was in university, I would wonder why I procrastinated so badly, but then once I was working on the assignment I knew that I wasn’t actually procrastinating, I was processing. It sometimes takes me a while to process something. Ironman CDA was something that I needed to process.

Now that I’ve processed it and am no longer afraid of it happening again, I have felt like I can get back into actual training. I’m still not as committed to training as I’d like to be because I still have a lot of extra things in my life, which is why I need to get back into my intense interval training. That’s my next goal: more intervals. This will be a slight deviation from my Be IronFit book, which doesn’t incorporate ANY intervals.

All that being said, I can definitely tell that I HAVE been training. I have a lot more power in my legs, which I can see when I commute. If I’m late and need some long-term explosive power, I can get that going more often than not. Going up short hills is easier because I can power up them. I am even doing some standing-pedaling to get up some of the hills. We are still winter cycling here in Saskatchewan, which has been kind of fun. It’s like mountain biking, but in snow!

The past couple of weeks have been super busy with training and all the other stuff I do, which has definitely affected my house cleanliness. As in, my house is completely dirty and messy and just bad. So tonight has been all about doing dishes, cleaning my fridge, and doing laundry. I also need to make a space on my kitchen table to eat. It is full of bills, papers, tax stuff, and old newspapers. Yikes. I’d better get moving!

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