Who Needs Music

This weekend I am spending my time at my parent’s farm in the Middle of Nowhere (aka Smeaton), Saskatchewan. We are getting the farm ready for the big auction sale that so many small farmers have had. It is an estate sale for a farm, except everyone is alive. Changes are abound in my family with the simple fact that there will be no farm machinery running from spring until fall. Usually at times like this, this is a step to there being no farm. While it is sad, it is the way of the world right now.

My dad has always exercised, or for as long as I can remember. Over the past 5+ years he has run the gravel roads surrounding the farm and when I’m out I usually go with him. Of course, he is much faster than me (or so we tell people). Usually I do a few more miles than he does, but it’s always nice to catch up over a good early-morning run with my dad.

This morning as I was running, I realized that I didn’t have my trusty iPod with me. Usually I wear it to drown out the sound of cars and other city noises, but out on the farm there are no such noises. The music I listen to consists of birds and trees. It was not a quiet run with so many varieties of birds singing away. The smell of lilacs and blossoms replaced the smell of gas fumes. It was beautiful. It was during this run that I thought to myself, “Who needs music when you have such beauty?”

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