C3 Reunion!

The Climate Change Caravan was so huge in my life 10 years ago. It altered my path in life forever… it altered a lot of our paths. This reunion has been so great remembering how we managed to make our way across Canada.

However, I am also remembering how difficult it was to organize 30+ people to eat, sleep, bike, and campaign. My theory is that it was the exhaustion and dependency on each other for our emotional and physical needs that made it so special.

The past two days have been biking days. They have been amazing! The views have been so spectacular, it is hard to believe. I forgot how beautiful the maritimes are. It’s hillier than home, of course, but the views of the ocean are worth it for sure. Pulling a trailer is great training I think.

First, a couple of us biked from Moncton to Sackville, the town where the idea for the Climate Change Caravan was conceived. It was a super rainy 50 km, but it was nice as well. We gave wet and soppy hugs when we got there. It was so great to see everyone and I did a bit of crying. We ate food and drank beer and visited in this great empty house.

The next day we set off on a 80-km ride with gear. We had a reunion photo taken and went off on our beautiful ride along the ocean. It’s the first time I’ve seen the Atlantic since 10 years ago. It’s as beautiful as I remember it. I had forgotten about the red sand and soil here! It’s wonderful… so colourful. Some other people from the prairies formed Team Prairies and we had fun. We stopped for a dip in the ocean and to eat lunch. We cycled at 16km/hr and just enjoyed the day. We ended in a little town called Pugwash, where we stayed in a church!

When we biked across Canada, we stayed in lots of churches. They were perfect to put a roof over 30 people’s heads and have a place for us to cook and prepare food. It was great. Sleeping in a church brought back lots of memories. We had food and drinks and visited.

Then we biked 40km to Tatamagouche, where The Farm is. We stopped in town for beer and local drink specialty “Dark and Stormy,” which is ginger beer and something sort of alcohol. Apparently it’s very tasty. I drank a local beer, which was quite wonderful. Since Ironman is so close, I figure I’d better stay hydrated. Maybe that will help my lack of training. We came to the farm and had food and more food. It has been great.

This morning, though, I was not motivated to get out of bed (plus I’m having a tough time with the 3-hour time difference). So Angela and I hung out in the tent and chatted and ate Cliff bars. It has been a rainy day so far so we have chilled out for most of it, doing not a whole lot. We’ve visited and I’ve been reconnecting with so many awesome people. Oh, how I miss these connections. It still is a family of sorts. I’ll definitely have to make it back to the east coast more often than 10 years!

Tomorrow Angela and I are biking to New Glasgow and then I’m heading down to Halifax. I’ll update there!

Here are some photos from the trip thus far:

Team Prairie: Etienne, Me, Angela, and Kate! Missing: Pascal

Prairie Girls at the Ocean!
A great spot to have lunch!
Reunion supper in Pugwash. Yum!

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