Counting Blessings

As I was driving home from the winter biking interval session I coach, I felt so happy. It was at this moment that I realized that I had done it. Somehow I have managed to fit everything that I love and am passionate about into my life. Sure, there are times when some of my passions take a bit of a back seat to other ones that I am focusing on, but they are still present.

Somehow I managed to have several jobs that combine into my one perfect job. When I was a young university student there was no way that I would know that one day I would be where I am. However, here I am combining my passion for food and health into my job at an organic inspection company. Then I get to use my passion around women’s health and feminism in my work as a doula (ie. birth coach). Once a week I get to share and discover music at the radio station where I’m a volunteer dj. My love of books and politics comes in the form of my shift at the local alternative bookstore. On top of all that, in the winter I get to coach wonderful people in a great bike program put on by a local bike shop. Oh yeah, and I do a bit of web design on the side!

I know it sounds like I do a lot, but really I do bits and pieces of it all. I have somehow managed to put all of the things I love into my life. Some people would say that I’m lucky. Actually, I chose this. It wasn’t easy to create this puzzle of a life that I have pieced together, but recently I’m starting to see the picture come together. Even in the darkness that has been November, I can see a lot of light.

If there is ever a doubt that life is dark, I count my blessings. Then I look at a photo of my niece. There are so many things to be thankful for!

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