Back at It!

By “it,” I mean training AND fundraising. Oh yeah, we are still fundraising for Team in Training. We did a bottle drive last weekend and we were very successful in getting donations. Thank you to everyone who has donated!

As for me, my training totally went downhill in December. I had a stomach flu for several weeks. It was really brutal and debilitating. Then, of course, the holidays came and were super hectic. With two kids in my life now, it was a lot more exciting than the last few years. Also, I am getting a new sister as my brother got engaged this holiday season! It is an exciting time for sure.

However, January is always a time for renewed intentions for training and racing. I’m a bit of a sucker for this sense of resolutions and setting goals for the year. I have lofty goals and plans for this year. The biggest goal of all is the goal to raise money for Team in Training. In the next few months, I’ll be working on this just as much as I will be on training.

Some of my other goals for this year are around food. One is to increase the good oils into my diet. While avocados are from far away and all that, they are really tasty and very healthy for us vegans who need more oils. I’m also going to eat more flax and hemp to get the good omegas into my body.

So MellowJohnny and I are back running lots. Today we ran 20km. I was dying by the end and I felt like my feet were barely moving. Of course, MellowJohnny had no problem doing my pace and did a bit extra at his faster pace. Him and his long legs sure can run fast! I guess I’ll just have to get back to my training regimen and seeing my personal trainer.

There will be lots of fun times to be had in 2012 for sure!

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