The Juggling Act featuring Moi

I have a little juggling act going these days. We are really pressing forward right now on fundraising because our recommitment date for the marathon is coming up on February 1st (!!!!). We would have liked to be almost done fundraising by this time, but we are far from it. Our upcoming fundraiser will be the real showing of where we are at with our fundraising commitments. The preparation for this fundraiser has been taking a lot of time lately.

On top of that, MellowJohnny and I are training. You know, for this, like, marathon thing we’re doing in April. This past weekend was an easy long run and we ran 14km on a track, which was quite brutal. We were thankful it wasn’t the 24km from last week. It wasn’t as brutal as it was running outside with the harsh wind and snow pelting our faces. We are lucky to have a gym membership at a place with a track. 14km on the dreadmill would have been hellish. The thing is, we aren’t just training for running, we are training for triathlon too! So we are trying to fit in biking and swimming here and there. This already sounds impossible, right? Well, obviously there’s more to life than fundraising and training, much to my own chagrin.

Then there is work. Luckily my work is very flexible, so I’m trying to keep my scheduled work hours as regular as possible. It’s tough to work all day, go home to eat, do a workout, and try to fit in fundraising.

The last, and most important part of the juggling act, is MellowJohnny’s kids. They are completely awesome and have been helping us with bottle drives. They are being really good sports about it. However, we haven’t taken them swimming or to the dog park or skating in a while. Last weekend we skipped our run to take them to Home Depot to do the wood-working project. But we skipped our run (it was ridiculously cold anyway). We never did make it up. Balance you say? Yeah. I’ll get right on that. Oh yeah, did I mention friends and family? I haven’t seen my new niece for almost two months and she is changing every day!

So the juggling is going. All the balls are in the air right now. Hopefully this fundraiser will take some pressure off and I can put it down while I rest for a bit. There are priorities in life and right now fundraising and training are #1 – this has got to change. First and foremost is family. Then work because I have to take care of our basic needs. Fundraising and training have to come last. I guess this post was a good way of reminding myself what is really important. It’s a good thing it’s for a great cause!

p.s. I cannot juggle in real life. 😉

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