Training hard or hardly training?

My absence on this blog goes through my mind often when I’m biking outside on the highway. Sometimes I will see the deer prancing beside me in a field and I think, “I should blog about that!” By the time I get home, eat, ice my legs, and have a nice shower I have completely forgotten about it. Plus I’m exhausted!

This spring has been AMAZING for training. The warmth and dryness is terrible for the farmers, but great for the cyclists. I have biked more in the March and this first part of April more than I did all of May and June last year PUT TOGETHER! As aforementioned, it’s been awesome.

My last post was about being sugar-free for one month (yes, the shortest month of the year). It was an amazing month health-wise. I completely loved being sugar-free and I wish that I could say that it has continued. However, it has not. Sugar is just sooooo tasty! I have decreased a lot of my sugar intake from before my little experiment. However, I felt so much better when I was off sugar. I felt like my body was healthier and my mind was healthier. Nutrition is such a big part of my life, but I’m so limited as a vegan in this meat-obsessed place I live in that I think being sugar-free as well would limit me so much. I’m going to revisit this in the next couple of weeks, though. I really did love not having sugar. It was really great.

Training has been really good. I’m not in the pool much, but I’ve been on my bike enough to make up for my lack of running and swimming. My feet needed a break from running. My legs were thrashed for a few weeks and I just needed a break from the long distances. However, it is merely 4 weeks to our race so 3 more long runs will be in order and some shorter ones. It has been great to train for this marathon and Vancouver will be so much fun!

Even though MJ and I are no longer dating, we are still good friends. He still inspires me with his lively spirit. He is currently going through some times of instability and change. As he did when he was fighting cancer, I’m sure he will come out strong.

Today I went on a 42km bike ride with my former coach and good buddy, Dan. It was a cold ride and took me a few hours to warm up from. But it was a great way to catch up with my buddy who just moved back to Saskatoon from Montreal. Bikes bring people together! Yes, they do!

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