Countdown: 5 Days!

The Vancouver Marathon is coming up in 5 days! After months of training and fundraising, we are almost at our goal. While MellowJohnny and my romantic relationship did not survive this endeavour, our passion for this cause remains and so does our friendship.

I have learned many important things during this journey:
1. Fundraising is HARD! It is way harder than doing the training.
2. When fundraising, try to get it done as early as possible to avoid the last-minute stress.
3. Buy new shoes! My knee became very sore after my last few long runs. This was because I was not wearing proper shoes. This has become an expensive issue of buying new shoes (that I have not done a long-run in), going to a physiotherapist, and getting a 1-hour massage on my one leg (that’s one expensive leg!).
4. When needing to deal with an injury in the short-term, massage and chiro are the best avenues to go. In my experience, physios can help in the long-term.
5. Each massage therapist has her own style. After my RMT moved on to other endeavours, I have been searching for the “perfect” massage therapist. I have finally found her! Natasha at On-Track Massage at the Field House is absolutely fabulous. It has taken many massages by many different people to find one that works for me.

I have learned a lot more, but these are the main points. I’m looking forward to taking off on Friday for Vancouver! Marathon in 5 days!

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