Look at those Steaming Buns

My Vegan MoFo plan for today was to make a Shepherd’s Pie with polenta, but that was put on hold when our trip to the city went longer than expected (I should know better by now). By the time we got home, the kids and us were hungry to my honey made a fried rice that was pretty yummy.

Today’s vegan culinary adventure consisted of a steamed bun from The Green Spot Cafe in Regina. I would have put up a post while I was sitting there, but there was no wireless internet creating chaos in my mind*. I went in expecting to have a huge selection of vegan foods to choose from. Instead there were only a few. I settled on the curried carrot soup, which could be combined with a steamed bun. I said, “Sure! Why not,” to the girl behind the counter. I had no idea what a steamed bun was!

When it came to the table I was absolutely stunned. There was literally a steaming hot bun in front of me. “Wtf is this thing?” I thought. It looked like this:

This is what a steamed bun looks like.
This is what a steamed bun looks like.

Thanks to Vegan Richa for the photo & the recipe! I’m going to try it this weekend!

About 5 minutes ago I finished watching Masterchef so I’m a bit pumped up so I’ll give my full opinion. I went about eating this from a newbie’s perspective. I thought it was a plain bun. It doesn’t say anywhere that it is STUFFED!

When it was too hot to open with my fingers I took my knife to cut it in half. That’s when I discovered the middle of veggies. I felt like an archaeologist that had found something rare and unique inside a cave, something that no one else knew about! I looked around the mostly empty cafe (it was 2 in the afternoon, after all) and wanted to stand on my chair and exclaim, “CHECK OUT THIS BUN!” Instead I explored it, I poked it with my fork and looked at what was in it, some tvp (I think), onions, and some other veggies (cabbage maybe?). It tasted not too bad and I absolutely loved the soft bun texture.

It was such a unique experience for me that I totally enjoyed myself. It was a true food adventure. If I couldn’t make anything for the blog, at least I had something to write about! I can’t wait to try to make my own steamed bun!

*A coffee shop without internet?! Almost as bizarre as the steamed bun.

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