Vegan MoFo Introduction

Today is the first day of Vegan Month of Food or Vegan MoFo, for short. I literally just heard about it about 5 minutes ago and I said YES! I’m going to cook and write about food every weekday or more for the month of September. This is a lofty goal for a currently inconsistent person like myself*.

Whenever I decide to do something, I know that I need a plan. A plan to keep myself going. Luckily, I love food and have been wanting to cook and bake more instead of eating processed foods. My professional life is also in a state of uncertainty and is essentially direction-less. Maybe this will give me some focus. Oh, right, the plan.

Since this is a blog about a triathlete I’m going to focus on vegan foods that are good for athletics. It will also hopefully be appreciated by all athletes, vegans, and the average person. I’ll be reviewing protein-rich post-workout foods, I’m going to talk about hydration and hydrating liquids, and I’m going to make super healthy foods that will be delicious fuel. Also, because I am also cooking for teenagers, I’m going to be trying to find foods that they might like that isn’t full of the 3 addictive foods (sugar, salt, and fat). It’s been 6 months so far and I have yet to find a good balance for the kiddos.

The first food post for MoFo is forthcoming!

* I haven’t always been inconsistent, but I am right now and I’m trying to embrace it and work slowly toward being more consistent. Make sense? It doesn’t to me either.

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