The Treadmill Mocks Me

Yesterday we finally got the treadmill set up! It has been taking up space in our porch for a couple of weeks because it was bought and brought home without adequate space to set it up in. We got the space cleared out and the treadmill set up. I got to take the first few steps on it just to say I did. Then I got off, put my walking cast back on, and looked at it longingly.

Maybe this injury has made me appreciate training. It has created in me a WANT to get on the dreadmill! My bike trainer keeps me busy, even though I still don’t really like it. I enjoy the treadmill a lot more than the bike trainer, but I’d still rather run outside than inside.

Now my family gets to enjoy the benefits of a treadmill while I watch on the sidelines. When it’s not in use I feel like it mocks me. The Livestrong words stare back at me in their yellow goodness saying “You and Lance have something in common – you both can’t use me!” At least I have Lance.

I am really trying to stay positive and remind myself that I’ve been here before. I’ve been at this place where I think I’ll never get better, that I’ll have pain in my foot forever, it’ll never heal. I’ve gotten through this before and I’ll do it again. I may have to walk the entire marathon at Ironman, but I can do it… as long as I have a fast enough bike ride. This is the motivation I have needed to get on my bike trainer.

It is February, 20 weeks out from Ironman Coeur d’Alene. I’d better go get off my butt and on to my trainer!

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