The Biggest Loser, Indeed

Over the last few months I got hooked on The Biggest Loser. I really and truly never thought that I would say that! Reality tv is not really something that I enjoy and I had never watched any of the previous 14 seasons. However, it airs at a time that is convenient between a couple of my favourite Tuesday tv shows.

I really enjoyed TBL’s positive messages about healthy living and eating, and helping people to feel empowered over their food addictions. The trainers helped talk them through some of the underlying issues that was part of their unhealthy lifestyle. Each week every person worked so hard and was so positive. I’ve never seen a reality show that was so positive and I actually felt happy at the end of the episode.

Last week’s episode of the triathlon was absolutely awesome for me. To see Rachel swim like the competitive swimmer she used to be, and to hear her talk about how with each step of the run she repeated that she had her life back was absolutely amazing. I think I even cried a little. It was amazing!

Last night even Scott wanted to see what happened at the end and I was excited to see the 3 remaining healthy and happy people. However, my excitement quickly turned into disgust and my stomach turned when Rachel came out onto the runway. I immediately exclaimed “She’s stopped eating! What happened to the healthy woman from last week?!”

I have seen anorexia in action in the hospital and with friends who struggled with this eating disorder. I do not think that Rachel is anorexic, I think she stopped eating so she could “win.” It is, after all, called The Biggest Loser, not The Healthiest Person.

The three of us who were watching were talking about how much she would weigh. Scott said 125 and I said below 110. We were blown away when it came up as 105. I honestly think that the trainers and even Alison Sweeney was shocked and had to feign excitement over the number. We all know that 105 is unhealthy for a 5’4″ woman, her BMI is so low, and she lost 45 pounds from last week’s episode.

When I saw Jillian and Bob’s faces when Rachel came out I knew that they knew what had happened:
Rachel the-biggest-loser-bob-harper-jillian-michaels-rachel-frederickson-reaction-nbcRachel the-biggest-loser-bob-harper-jillian-michaels-rachel-frederickson-reaction-nbcRachel the-biggest-loser-bob-harper-jillian-michaels-rachel-frederickson-reaction-nbc

Bob and Jillian do not look happy.
Bob and Jillian do not look happy.

I am so disappointed with the show, Rachel, and the doctors and trainers on the show. Yes, she had gone home and the point of the show is to lose the most weight, but the result is unhealthy and dangerous. I would really like to see an interview with Rachel where she tells us what her home regime was to lose all the muscle she had built up. I think we all know what it was, though. She is, indeed, The Biggest Loser:

Rachel The Biggest Loser


One thought on “The Biggest Loser, Indeed

  • February 22, 2014 at 7:36 am

    I didn’t watch all season, but the morning after the finale the social medias were all in a tizzy. I had to YouTube it out of curiosity. I’m in agreement, I’d like to see an interview from her. I’m not sure what to think!


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