Training the last few weeks has been going so much better! I’ve been running and running (with walking breaks of course) with absolutely no foot pain! It has been great and I completely credit my massage therapist for it, along with my following his orders to do foot exercises. Biking has been a bit of another story.

In mid-March we went on a family vacation to Phoenix, AZ to see my sister get married and to spend some time in the sun. This winter has been absolutely completely brutal and I am cursing mother nature and this early-season Ironman race. When we were in Phoenix I did some biking, which was super fun. I didn’t go for very long, but it was tons of fun to bike in my shorts outside in the fresh air. Being on vacation is not very inspiring to work out, though. I did get in a couple of decent runs as well. It was absolutely wonderful.

The other day I realized that I have lived in small-town Saskatchewan for over a year now. Woah. That blew my mind! Living in a small town brought with it some major lifestyle changes, including increasing my dependence on vehicles and taking away my bicycle commuting. It is just one of the many aspects of city living that I miss. To make matters worse, I have had the worst luck with vehicles! I won’t get into it, but let’s just say that I know the tow truck driver’s number by heart.

After yet another ridiculous issue (which was actually my fault) I came home and declared “I’m biking to work from now on!” S looked at me and said, “Ooookay….” I was absolutely convinced that biking to and from work would be doable. It’s a 33km ride one-way and yesterday was my first day embarking on this mini-adventure.

Going to work really wasn’t too bad. It was 0ºC so I had to bundle in layers. For those of you who cycle a lot you may or may not know this: layers = bunching = painful nether-regions. Here were the layers I wore: cycling shorts, base layer long underwear, insulting pants, wind-breaking pants. That’s 5 layers of bunching. There is only one word for that: ouch! Indeed, it was the most painful bike ride of my life, except for when I came home after work.

The return trip was a million times worse. I couldn’t get into my aero bars at all, which is quite inconvenient on a triathlon bike because it is built to be ridden in the aero position. I also made a few big nutrition mistakes:
Mistake 1: I didn’t eat a decent breakfast before I left in the morning: a banana and a cup of coffee does not make a breakfast! Also, could I have picked more acidic foods? Even thinking about it makes my stomach turn.
Mistake 2: I consumed this “breakfast” about 15 minutes before leaving. Seriously, what was I thinking?!
Luckily, I didn’t forget my water bottle before I left.
Mistake 3: I didn’t eat anything all day. I shake my head at myself for this one. Why, oh, why didn’t I eat? I was at work and I was busy, etc etc. but I could have eaten more than an apple.

Each and every one of these mistakes are ones that I know not to make! I have learned the lessons again and I announce to the world: I will not make them again. As I was biking home with the worst heartburn of my life, I cursed my mistakes many times over. It was a very difficult bike ride.

I’m going to go again next week and hope that it goes better. Mistakes have been made and I won’t make them again.

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  • June 17, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    It sounds pretty bad, could it have been worse than the ride to Winnipeg? Is that possible??

  • June 17, 2014 at 4:30 pm

    Angie, it was almost that bad! If it was raining and I was freezing cold it would have been pretty comparable! Good reminder, buddy!


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