Race #2 of 2014

O'Malley and I this morning after our run-walk. Caillou is somewhere in the background.
O’Malley and I this morning after our run-walk. Caillou is somewhere in the background.

In only 3 days I will be participating in my second triathlon this year. My training buddy and I were looking back at my history of the race, which is very varied. It will be interesting to see how Sunday plays out. This race has followed me throughout my triathlon life and I have loved every second. My times vary from sub-4-hours to sub-5. This year I’m being realistic and looking closer to the 4 and a half to 5-hour mark. That is, if my knees will stop freaking hurting! This morning’s run/walk was pretty painful. I have GOT to start strength training. That is the only time my knees have stopped hurting is when I was doing core and leg strengthening. My massage therapist and I took at look at some decent exercises for me to do at home. I just need to actually DO them! It’s the age-old problem with me.

This year I’m all about just doing these races, or “gooning it” as my buddy Trevor would say. I am looking for stability and consistency and getting back into “racing” is definitely part of that, but it’s a work in progress where I regress and progress inconsistently. It’s a problem that I’m trying to fix. There are a few things I’m trying to do in my life every day to add consistency: drink a smoothie a day, don’t drink alcohol (I’m planning to write about this in a later blog post), eat good food and log it in MFP, do some form of exercise everyday and incorporate strengthening exercises, and do yoga [at least] once a week.

So here are my results from previous years of this race:

Year Total Time Swim Bike w/transition Run
2003 4:23:00 21:13 2:36:00 1:25:33
2004 4:42:37 33:35 2:36:06 1:32:56
2005 4:23:29 29:55 2:26:16 1:27:19
2006 3:52:06 25:39 2:08:41 1:17:45
2007 4:22:31 35:32 2:13:52 1:29:15
2008 DNF
2009 4:09:24 28:13 2:15:35  1:25:37
2010 DNS
2011 4:31:05 33:31 2:31:44 1:25:51
2012 DNS
2013 DNS

I’ve had some really ugly years and I had a couple of really great years where Frank Dunn was my “A race.” This year I don’t really have anything but one race, the others are just events that I’m participating in. I don’t even know if the Half IM can be a race either considering my conditioning. Oh well, I’ll get’er done!

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  • August 8, 2014 at 10:38 am

    I didn’t know you were doing Frank Dunn! We should find each other – although not 100% sure if we’ll be there at all, depends on how Jeff’s back is feeling.


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