Second Summer

This past week a very amazing thing happened… we got a second summer! Considering it’s 35C in Las Vegas right now, and will likely be in the 30s on race-day, I have been very thankful for some hot weather training. I feel like I’m cramming for a test. In reality, it’s more to just put my mind at ease so that I know that I can do this. Truth time: I’ve been doubting myself.

The good news is that I’m pretty much injury-free, my cardio is good, and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in in over three years. I’m trying to focus on these positives and relax as much as possible. The doubts are starting to subside a bit. I’m really looking forward to race-day when I can just enjoy the day knowing that I have come a long way on a slow upward false-flat up the largest hill I’ve ever encountered.

This past weekend I was super inspired by friends. On Saturday a very inspiring person completed Ironman Maryland. It was inspiring because just 9 months ago he underwent back surgery and was told by doctors that he would never do an Ironman again. These doctors obviously don’t know many triathletes because that’s basically like saying, “Go for it!” So he went for it. He started slow, literally one step at a time, and finished IM Maryland. It was so exciting. I was glued to my computer watching his wife’s FB status updates, refreshing the IM Athlete tracker, and watching the live video feeds to see if I could catch him. I saw him twice “live” on the computer and it was awesome. The fam was like, “What is she cheering about now?” I would yell out, “He just made it out onto the run!” They didn’t really care, but whatevs. I was hella excited. He finished and it was amazing to watch him cross the finish line. It was amazing!

The roller coaster went down, though, when I got up early on Sunday to watch the start of IM Lake Tahoe and saw that the race had been canceled. I sent a message of condolences to a friend I had that went down there and many people in the Facebook group. One person actually did an unofficial Ironman, supported by his friends, and finished a 10:29. I was inspired by his commitment to doing the race even though conditions were awful and there was no race support. Some people thought it was a bad idea, but we’re all adults and can make decisions for ourselves. I understand why Ironman had to cancel the race, but if someone wants to go out and do an Ironman on their own, I am all for it.

In the next few days I’m going to be doing the last-minute preparations for the race. My bike is getting boxed up tomorrow at the bike shop. I’m thankful that I have an extra bike at home! I am also going to do a trial packing job. I already had the athlete guide printed out and the schedule planned. This is going to be a very interesting race-cation. I have no idea what to expect at all!

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