This is me not freaking out – 1 week away

This has been my mantra for the past week: I can do this. I am not freaking out. So this is me, not freaking out by cramming in some last-minute hot-weather training.

Actually, over the last few days I’ve been feeling better and better. I’ve figured out a strategy for the swim so that I don’t get swum over; I’m going to swim on the outside and try to sight accordingly. I’ve also been studying the bike and run profiles and have made strategies for that. All I need to do now is figure out my nutrition and pack my bags. My bike is packed up in the hard-cover case that I rented from a local bike shop (shout out to Dutch Cycle in Regina for helping me out). My A-type personality has really come out this past week as I try to have control over the aspects that I can control and let go of the aspects that I can’t.

Recently, my friend who has done this race before (although a much more difficult version) sent this video to me for inspiration. She reminded me to enjoy the beauty of the course.

Silverman Trailer from Momentum Advertising/Production on Vimeo.

One thought on “This is me not freaking out – 1 week away

  • October 2, 2014 at 11:34 am

    Good luck Crystal!!


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