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On Thursday I previewed part of the Silverman course. Scott and I made our way out to Lake Mead so I could do a 30 minute swim and a 1-hour bike ride. We heard that the lake was very low and it looked like the beach had receded about 100 feet. The “beach” is the weirdest beach I’ve ever seen. Because it’s desert all around, people were just parked not far from the water, leaving a bit of “beach.”

I met a woman down there, who lives here. We swam together and chatted about the race, as triathletes are the friendliest people you’ll meet. The big debate and issue is whether or not to wear a  wetsuit. Suzie said that there was going to be a wave added at the end for people with wetsuits. If this is true (I’m going to the Athlete Briefing today) I’m going to opt for no wetsuit and go with my wave of swimmers. It seems as though I am destined for one extreme or the other. When it comes down to it I think I’d rather have more time to finish the race.

After I swam a bit, I went out on to the bike course, against my friend Navarra’s advice. I didn’t go very far, though. I just wanted to get an idea of what I was in for. It was as I expected: hot and hilly. The scenery is bleak and beautiful with mountains as the backdrop. I’m thinking that this race will be similar to the Osoyoos Desert Half Iron that I did in 2009. I think Osoyoos was hotter though, with the temperatures going above 40C.

This race is a split transition, which I’m not a big fan of. I like all my gear in one area to preview the morning of the race. I have to have all my run gear ready to go because I’m not stopping at T2 on race morning.

All in all, the racecation is going well. Today I am focusing solely on the race. I think I’ve been pretty good at finding the balance between vacation and race, but this whole thing is pretty new to me. Another new thing I’ve done for this race is rented an athlete tracker. On race-day it will show where I am on the course. Pretty cool! This is the link: My Athlete Tracker.

The end of Criss Angel's show Believe. It was amazing!
The end of Criss Angel’s show Believe. It was amazing!

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