Procrastination Challenge

My November Time Management Challenge started out really well last week. It went out the window on Thursday. Yes, it lasted 3 days. I’m not discouraged, though. I know that this will be a constant work in progress.

Procrastination is my biggest hurdle. When I feel tired or drained or sore, which was the case last week after my friend tortured me at a circuit training we did on Tuesday (actually, Thank You Julie!), I have a difficult time getting off of my chair. So my bike is still sitting in pieces in my workout room. I moved it out of the way so that I could do a short run on the treadmill, but basically ignored it the rest of the time. I haven’t been on it since the Silverman Half, over a mont ago.

The issue is that once I put my bike together I have to put it on my trainer, which is my real reason for procrastinating. Once I put it on my trainer then I have to ride it on my trainer. This takes some serious effort. My trainer and I have had some struggles. I just have to make myself go on it, which requires discipline that I seriously lack. Once I get in a training rhythm it will be a lot better. Getting into that rhythm will take mental and physical energy that needs to be worked up to. So I’m working on it.

Now that I know the real procrastination issue, I can try to solve it. This Friday I have a plan to bring my bike and trainer to my training buddy’s house for an interval Spinnerval workout. Of course, I made this plan thinking that I would have gotten on the trainer at least once last week. However, I have several days to get on the trainer once by Friday. The way I’m going to convince myself to do this is to make a killer YouTube playlist for my viewing pleasure while on the trainer. If anybody has any suggestions, I’m open to those. I am going to make a mix of triathlon, cycling, and funny videos. I’ll make sure I post the playlist on Twitter/Facebook.

My November Challenge continues!

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