Two steps forward, one step back

This last weekend I went to the Winnipeg Folk Festival with some great people. It was probably one of the stupidest things I’ve done in a long, long time. My over-confident self thought that I would be able to hobble around the festival without problem. That was a stupid thing to think. Or maybe just very optimistic? Either way, it was a difficult lesson to learn. Let me sum up the weekend: the music and people were awesome, I was in pain and quite miserable most of the time.

The website says the following: “There are ten stages of music to explore at Folk Fest, some nestled in clearings in the woods, others in the middle of a prairie field with enough room to dance the afternoons away.” Doesn’t that sound fan-freaking-tastic?! If you’re not on crutches it is! If you are on crutches it is a sort of hell with 32C heat, long distances between different stages on uneven ground of gravel and grass, and the thousands of other people. Then once you get there and find a shady spot you get to watch other people dance around like no one is watching, which is what I would have been doing ignorant to anyone who may not be able to.

In case anyone else has broken a bone and wants to know the stupid process, here is a good article about it (and also a good reference for myself).

While I am having this pity party over here, I am reminded that this is temporary for me and there are many who have limited physical abilities. This was a unique experience for me and was quite eye-opening. It has created a sense of understanding and empathy for those who would like to, but cannot go to events like this because of the difficulty of the whole debacle. Honestly, I would not go if it happened again. So how many people are missing out on great events like this because of the difficulty of it? Accessibility is a huge issue and I wonder if there is anything that can be done either than totally restructuring events like this. Input is welcome.

So back to me (because isn’t that why we’re all here?)…

As I reflect on my overly optimistic self thinking that going to a huge music festival would be “no problem,” I am worried that this same overly optimistic person thinks that she can swim and bike during a race in 3 weeks. I haven’t biked or swam in weeks, and even then it wasn’t all that much. I’m feeling pretty nervous now about it.

I know that once I get on my bike and into the pool I’ll gain some confidence. It’s just a matter of getting over my fear of re-injuring myself and the pain that I occasionally still feel. Apparently this is normal to feel. I start physio on Monday so hopefully that will help a lot. I’m thinking of getting out on my bike today or tomorrow though.

Because this blog is also about food and nutrition, I have to admit that I’m concerned about my calcium levels. This is not new to me because there was a point when I started doing food tracking and noticed that I was not getting enough calcium. With this in mind I have started taking a calcium and Vitamin D (vegan sources, of course) supplement. Once I can focus more on cooking and my taking care of myself, other than just making it through each day, I am going to focus on high calcium and iron foods. I know it would have been awesome to eat super healthy the last 6 weeks, but the amount of energy it took to just get through the day was astounding and I had zero energy or inspiration. Now I’m excited that I get (mostly) back to my life, with a large and heavy boot on my foot.

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