The No-Goal Triathlete

In 4 days I’ll be participating in my first triathlon in almost a year. This will be the 10th time I’ve been in this event. My best time was in 2006 with 3:52; my worst time was 2014 with 4:59 (yes, training DOES make a difference!). Not surprisingly, the bike time makes a huge difference (see the table below).

This year’s race, though, will be in a team which is a first for me. I’m excited not to run! It’s always been my Achilles heal (pun intended), but I do love the run. So many people excited about finishing. It feels great to cross that line; I’m excited to share it with my cousin though. I warned her that we were not going to have a good time, but we will have lots of fun. I have not biked nearly enough this year due to the whole broken foot thing.

While I don’t have any goals, I thought it would be fun to guess my times. I truly have no idea what my times will be. My predictions:
Swim: 40 minutes
Bike: 2:30
Run: 1:30 (I’m sure Shannon is faster than me, but I’ll use my average run time)
That will bring us in at 4:40 (with transitions). I suppose it’s possible that this can happen. Maybe I can stop the trend of getting worse as I get older.

I’m actually really looking forward to the “race”!

Year Total Time Swim Bike w/transition Run
2003 4:23:00 21:13 2:36:00 1:25:33
2004 4:42:37 33:35 2:36:06 1:32:56
2005 4:23:29 29:55 2:26:16 1:27:19
2006 3:52:06 25:39 2:08:41 1:17:45
2007 4:22:31 35:32 2:13:52 1:29:15
2008 DNF
2009 4:09:24 28:13 2:15:35  1:25:37
2010 DNS
2011 4:31:05 33:31 2:31:44 1:25:51
2012 DNS
2013 DNS
2014 4:59:07 40:31+3:47 2:29:18+2:02 1:43:31

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