Race Report: Frank Dunn Triathlon 2015

It only took a month to finish, but here’s the race report for Frank Dunn!


It felt like any normal race for me. I got up, did my morning routine: coffee, toast, and a banana, sipping water through the morning. Got down to the transition area early as people were just starting to get there. I got my transition area somewhat set up and went to look for Blair, my training buddy. I decided to do a short bike ride up the gradual hill that starts off the bike. It was good to find that rhythm going up and then just soared down. It felt good and I was optimistic it was going to be a good day.

A good sign.


In short the swim was awesome! The lake was the calmest I’ve ever seen in this race. It was also fairly warm. I did a good warm-up to get over the tight chest feeling when getting into a cold lake with a wetsuit. I was totally ready.

When I first talked to my physio only 3 short weeks before he was worried about people hitting my broken foot. I promised him that I would start at the back and avoid the charging carnage. I did really try, but I was excited to get going so I ended up around the middle back of the pack. My foot did not get hit. All was well. I came out at a decent time all things considering.

Bob caught me before I headed in to warm up!
The carnage that is the mass swim!
After – still smiling!

I took my sweet-ass time in getting ready for the bike. I wasn’t in much of a hurry for sure. So I made sure my feet were dry and I was hydrated before I headed out.

When I was running out of T1 with my bike I waved at my cousin and family and said “See you in 3 hours!” Shannon’s husband, Randall, yelled out, “TWO AND A HALF!” It made me laugh at the time.


I headed out on the bike and went up the aforementioned gradual uphill at the start of the bike. It isn’t steep, but it sure can take the wind out of your sails if you aren’t prepared. On this day I was very prepared.

Keep going!

My race plan was to do the first lap slow and push on the second if I could. However, there was a sweet tail wind going out, so I went with that and spun slowly on the way back. I think it was a solid game plan as I had a good bike time. In the back of my mind was Randall yelling out “TWO AND A HALF!” After the first lap my average pace was about 26km/hr. I couldn’t believe it! I knew my second lap would be tougher mentally because of the distance that I wasn’t prepared for, but I kept going.


One of the main motivators of pushing harder was the thought of Shannon running on that lonely road that I have run so many times myself. As I was going up the last climb and my legs were shutting down, I thought of Shannon running for me and Randall yelling TWO AND A HALF! So I kept having to push myself. Once I turned the corner to get back into town I knew that my legs had given all they could. In the end I finished the bike in 2:28!


I took Shannon and everyone off guard because they didn’t realize that the second lap was shorter. I gave her my Garmin and chip and off she went to finish up my first team race.

The Run:

The rest of it was up to Shannon. I am so proud of her for taking on this challenge with me! 15 years ago I was a bridesmaid at her wedding, on this day she was mine. I asked her to do a write-up of her experience and it is so awesome. In her words, here is the rest of the race…

Every night before a run it’s my ritual that I have salmon. I have prepared and brought it from home along with more snacks.

I am totally worried I haven’t eaten enough so I have a yogurt, carrots & a banana.

Being this was my first experience at a triathlon  & not even watched one I didn’t know what to expect. I was very nervous & nauseous. With my yogurt, raspberries and granola breakfast I also take a gravol. As I watched Crystal and the other participant’s head out for their swim, I was amazed at the support and enthusiasm everyone has for each other. Everyone is so friendly and willing to talk about his or her experiences and future goals.

I am totally worried I haven’t eaten enough so I have a banana.

I didn’t want to venture off so I hung around most of the time waiting and watching how thing work thru the transition stages, I didn’t want to do anything wrong.

I am totally worried that I haven’t eaten enough so I have a yogurt.

As Crystal transitioned to the bike, I admired the bikes and the equipment and appreciated the cost and efforts that people go thru to enter these triathlons. As she made her first round thru the bike trail I am amazed at the athleticism and I am totally impressed with Crystals efforts.

I am totally worried that I haven’t eaten enough so I eat a Quest protein bar.

As I shove the last bit in my mouth I am surprised to see Crystal setting up her bike, I slightly panic, drop my bag and say goodbye to my family. I run up and we exchange the ankle timer and she passes me her garmin. I’ve got no time to worry anymore and I do some deep breathing.

I can’t believe all these people watching…I better keep good form until I get in the bush. This is a nice trail. Hopefully I don’t see any bears. I will shit my pants if I see a bear. Oh it’s hot! It’s nice to see these kids cheer for us. There aren’t many people around me; I hope I’m not at the end. I can’t finish last. No way am I finishing last! Oh, I see a lady maybe I can catch her. Yes I can catch her. I am so glad I passed her! Holy Crap what is this, a small mountain, what kind of ditch is this!! Janet (my other running partner) would not like this! She would swear at this! Oh Water! I don’t need any yet. Thanks but no thanks. The service is good here. Lots of people are handing out water.  Wow the elevation is up and down. Holy crap look at this hill!!! What is it going to be like coming back up it? I better make sure I have enough energy on the way back.

Shannon rocking the run!

I am totally worried I haven’t eaten enough so I have an energy jelly stinger.

Oh I feel sluggish. I can pass that guy up there then I definitely won’t be last. I can’t be last. Holy crap I haven’t even made it to 5k yet! This is going to be a slow run. I can do this. Crystal needs me. I can’t believe some of these people just swam and biked 64k that is insane! I am just running and I’m dying! These people are awesome!

I am totally worried I haven’t eaten enough so I will have a Jelly stinger every 10 minutes.

Oh more water! 3 people are double fisting water to me, is there a mob of people behind me? (I look behind me) no! What the hell! Why are they handing me 6 glasses of water! I can’t drink 6 glasses of water! Ok I’ll take 1. What the hell! These glasses are so full. Why would they fill them so full! What a waste now I have to dump it. Wow I just feel like I was hunted down by the water police. I do appreciate the service. Someone is honking. It’s my family! I well up with tears and I swallow it down. Awe! They are here for me! Someone does love me! Thank u Lord for having them here. This is fun now.

We met Shannon on the course and cheered her up the hill!
We met Shannon on the course and cheered her up the hill!

Oh more water, and more water police. No Thanks

This is weird; there is no one around me. Why isn’t there any one else around me?

I hope I don’t see a bear. I will shit my pants if I see a bear!

Oh I think I see the turn around point!


Oh I hope it’s the turn around point. I can do this. Oh more water, and more water police! What the hell! Isn’t anyone directing me! Is this the turning point or what? These water police are more worried about splashing me than directing me. Ok I’ll go around this pylon. Why would I want to be splashed, I’m already wet.  Wow is it hot!

The water police are after these amazing volunteers!

Oh I see my Family again…Awe they are here for me! My lip quivers but I swallow it down.

Ok here’s this big hill I can do this! Crystal is waiting. OOOOH my heart aches…Oh God please be my strength to get me through to the end, please! I just want to finish, please don’t make me pass out.

Yea I can hear cheering. And I see the street to the cabins. I am getting close. Should I speed up? No not yet…How about now? No!

Awe I hear my Uncle Don…now I will speed up! Ugh this is a tough run!

I see Crystal; she is waiting to run in with me. This is so nice. I feel great!!!

Running into the finish area together!

But, these athletes who have done this triathlon…they deserve a medal!

I can’t believe they don’t get a medal!

This experience has opened my eyes to a higher level of appreciation for these athletes’ determination, strength, and dedication.

They truly deserve a medal.

Shannon Kerluke
Team Crystal and Cousin

We did it!
We did it!
Our pretty lame finisher photo. I'm sure I have a better one somewhere!
Our pretty lame finisher photo. I’m sure I have a better one somewhere!

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