Being Balanced – Physically

When I stand on one foot I wobble; balance is not something that comes easily to me. When I get on my bike, though, it takes a lot to push me over! Right now I have imbalances that are creating turmoil within my body, mostly in my muscles. The first step to solving a problem is identifying it, right?

This summer, as you may remember from my incessant whining, I broke my left foot. I have always had issues with my left IT band and knee, which likely contributed to the rolling of that ankle and the impending break. I spent 6 miserable weeks on crutches. Since then the upper part of my left arm has had issues; I basically can’t move my arm without some pain. I had a massage in late December and that helped a lot. The pain is less severe and the movement is better. I have also had issues with my right lower back/hip. Here is a visual of the issues:


I have found a significant difference in my body and how I feel after doing yoga consistently for the last 6 weeks. My body feels a lot more balanced. I also do some core a couple times a week. I’m a big fan of yin yoga right now. It is more gentle and works with your body; I don’t want to be sore after yoga, I want to feel rejuvenated.

While I love yoga, I think I also need a more complete set of exercises, which is why I found the articles below that have some great suggestions.

Even while I was injured I knew that imbalances were happening within my body. There was nothing I could do at the time and now is the time I am working on becoming balanced. This article really helped me understand the issues when I first looked up how to deal with imbalances in the body. I like the article because it’s not one of those stupid “6 exercises to help you do what you already know what to do” (I am preparing a post with a rant about these stupid types of articles). This article is one that explains the science and gives the exercises that go along with it. This is Part 2 – these exercises are awesome! I have been doing some of these regularly and they really help.

Does having a more balanced body mean having a more balanced mind? Yes! As I am becoming more balanced physically, I can see my life being more balanced. It’s all connected!

Training update:

I FINALLY put my bike on the trainer a couple of weeks ago. I have got on it 3 times in January for about 20 minutes each. I have said it a million times that I despise the trainer, but it’s a necessary evil right now as outside exercise is not happening very often right now. My personal policy is that I don’t run, or even go on long walks, when it’s below -25 (with windchill); my dog is fine with this policy. So yoga, indoor exercises, my stairs and my trainer are what I have. After over 10 years of having a bike trainer I still hate it. I’m not sure these feelings will stop anytime soon but I’ll just keep getting on the bike a few times a week, counting the weeks until I can bike outside – hopefully by mid-April this year.

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