Make Plans, Achieve Goals

Make goals, make plansIt is the beginning of January, the time of promises and good intentions. I like to make plans. I’m very good at making plans, I’m not very good at executing plans. So what is my plan? My plan is to achieve my goals. That is my number 1 goal for 2016. It is possible to achieve it if my plans are reasonable.

Over the past few years I have set myself up for failure. I’m just not able to do what I used to be able to. My mental illness, medications and focusing on stability takes a lot of my energy. I do feel stable enough, though, to do more. Maybe even to do Ironman?

The last few months have been pretty successful in terms of executing plans. I did a cleanse in December that was very successful. After the withdrawal symptoms were over it felt amazing. Daily yoga, green smoothies every morning, no wheat, sugar or soy, and whole foods for each meal. I am keeping many of this with me right now, even through the holidays I mostly kept these. Success!

Of course, maintaining is difficult. I try to ignore the fact that this comes at new year’s resolution time and focus on the fact that I have been building up to this for many months. Being active, doing yoga, and getting into a routine are all things that I’ve been working toward. Can I ramp it up to become training? That is the million dollar question. I’m going to try.

The next plan is to execute a very minimal training plan. I have a bike station taking shape and a plan to go to the pool. Nothing more than 30 minutes. I’m doing yoga several times a week and walking and running in my regular routine.

I also have a plan for this blog. It will reveal itself in time. These are lots of plans I know. Soon I’ll be ready to take these plans and make them into goals.

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