A Teenage Success Story!

Last week I had one of my best culinary days! I told the younger teenager that I wanted to make chilli and asked if she was cool with that. The conversation went something like this: Me: “So… I’m going to make chilli tonight for supper. Is that cool?” Teenager thinks: “What’s all in it?” Me: “Usually I put onions, carrots, celery, veggie ground round, diced tomatoes, and beans in it. Plus chilli spices of course.” Teen: “Chilli doesn’t have carrots or celery in it.” Me: “My chilli does.” Teen: “I don’t like celery.” Me: “I can leave the celery out … Keep reading

The Juggling Act featuring Moi

I have a little juggling act going these days. We are really pressing forward right now on fundraising because our recommitment date for the marathon is coming up on February 1st (!!!!). We would have liked to be almost done fundraising by this time, but we are far from it. Our upcoming fundraiser will be the real showing of where we are at with our fundraising commitments. The preparation for this fundraiser has been taking a lot of time lately. On top of that, MellowJohnny and I are training. You know, for this, like, marathon thing we’re doing in April. … Keep reading

Counting Blessings

As I was driving home from the winter biking interval session I coach, I felt so happy. It was at this moment that I realized that I had done it. Somehow I have managed to fit everything that I love and am passionate about into my life. Sure, there are times when some of my passions take a bit of a back seat to other ones that I am focusing on, but they are still present. Somehow I managed to have several jobs that combine into my one perfect job. When I was a young university student there was no … Keep reading

Who Needs Music

This weekend I am spending my time at my parent’s farm in the Middle of Nowhere (aka Smeaton), Saskatchewan. We are getting the farm ready for the big auction sale that so many small farmers have had. It is an estate sale for a farm, except everyone is alive. Changes are abound in my family with the simple fact that there will be no farm machinery running from spring until fall. Usually at times like this, this is a step to there being no farm. While it is sad, it is the way of the world right now. My dad … Keep reading

Pain is temporary, Ironman is forever!

Ironman Canada Race Report – August 26, 2007Penticton, British Columbia, Canada The morning started bright and early at 4am, but it definitely wasn’t bright outside. Luke made me some oatmeal while I made sure I had all of my Special Needs bags and a couple of last-minute details for my bike. The day before I had checked my bike and my transition bags, which took a lot of pressure off for the morning of the race. At 5:00, we headed down the hill from our host’s house to find a parking spot. There were so many nervous people driving around, … Keep reading