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  1. Robbie says:

    Hi, really interested in your site. I’ve just started reading the china study and have decided I want to try raw vegan. I’m also a triathlete but am worried about getting the food in!!

    Any advice would be great 🙂

  2. Stacy says:

    I am a “new” vegan. I started about 2 months ago. I am training for a sprint triathlon. This is only my 2nd one. I want to make sure I get plenty of protein, but feel like I am eating too much grain. I do not want to look like a skeleton. I am so happy to find your web page. I will continue to look at it and get all the tips I can. Thanks again!!

    • Thanks for finding me! Being a new vegan and starting a sport can be really tricky. You should definitely do some reading about vegetable sources of protein. My favourite is quinoa – a grain, but a really awesome one! Protein powders are really good – I use a rice one, but Vegan is a good option too (I personally don’t like the taste of Vega, but not a lot of protein powders taste very good). In the next little while I’m hoping to get more resources put up on here so that people can actually find some good information. I’m not a doctor or a health professional, but I’ve done a ton of reading and searching for valid info over the years.

  3. Clare Peartree says:

    Hi Crystal, I’m so glad I’ve found your blogs! (Actually found you through youtube, which led me here). I’m desperately unfit and am new to being vegan (6 months in?). I’m begining training to build my general fitness base so that I can then start training proper for a sprint triathlon. Next year I want to be able to enter races rather than saying ‘if only’. Thanks for the advice, motivation, encouragement…!

  4. Hi Clare,
    I’m glad that you enjoy the blog! My advice to you is to take your training slowly and find some training buddies. This site is slowly evolving and I really want it to be a place where people find inspiration as well as information. Keep going on your training and thanks for the note!

  5. Hi Crystal, I’m so glad I’ve found your blogs I’m begining training to build my general fitness base so that I can then start training proper for a sprint triathlon.triathlon training

  6. Julie says:

    Hi, it is so nice to find personal websites full of information as yours. I am a vegan ultrarunner entering my first tris this summer. Looking forward to the new challenge!

    • Congratulations on embarking on this awesome sport! I can’t imagine being an ultrarunner with my flat feet and short legs. I sure do love triathlon, though! Good luck!!!

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  8. Rebecca Richardson says:

    I am in search of other vegan Triathletes. I have been vegan since 2006. I started doing Triatholons at the age of 54. I became hooked when I did my first pick up Tri with a group of women 2 yrs ago. I have stuck to just Sprint Tri’s,5K,10K,half marathons and ocean swims. I am thinking of tackling an Olympic Tri this year,just need to decide which one. I prefer to stay close to home for races.

    • Hello Rebecca! Well, you have found another vegan triathlete here! I’ve been vegan since May, 2002 and a triathlete since 2003. With your running background, an Olympic distance shouldn’t be much of a stretch. Especially if you’re doing ocean swims! You’ll be great! I’d love to hear about your experiences. Good luck!

  9. Rebecca Richardson says:

    So far I am not signed up for a race until August. I am dealing with a knee problem that is acting up when I run. I have continued to swim and walk in the mean time. Monday I get an MRI to see if there are any concerns. I was planning to Race again the First Tri I ever did 3 yrs ago. It was a women only Tri with a pool swim. I had done the bike portion with a Hybrid,which was a challenge on the hilly course. I also signed up for Iron Girl Columbia(in Maryland where I live) and the Bethany Beach Tri(both sprints).

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