Training buddies are the shit

Last year I moved to a small town to be with my partner and his kiddos. It has taken some time to settle in and I’m still not completely there. However, I’m starting to get to know people, and I’m noticing and enjoying the perks of small-town life more than I used to. Training has been a big issue for me since moving for lots of reasons. One of those reasons is lack of training buddies. A few weeks ago I thought that I might be able to start a little running group, or at least a walking group. I … Keep reading

The “Farmer’s Snot”

While commuting to work by bicycle, it occurred to me that I have accumulated a skill I never even thought about as an actual skill before: the “farmer’s snot.” Apparently, in some places they call it the farmer’s blow, but it all means the same thing: A farmer’s snot is blowing one’s nose onto the ground by plugging one nostril and blowing the other one as hard as you can; then one repeats this with the other nostril. The result is barely any snot left at all – just enough to wipe on the back of one’s hand/bike glove (in … Keep reading