Pre-Race Jitters

Ryan Gosling... swoon...

This morning I went for my pre-race swim with my training buddy, Blair. It went well even though I forgot my wetsuit. So I swam in my bathing suit, which was actually pretty good. It prepared me for the “cold panic” that I always get (and I think most get) when I first get in the water. The water this morning was clear and calm, even though it was pretty windy. I met another triathlete out there and we may even become training buddies! As I’ve mentioned before, training buddies are the shit! As I was driving into town this … Keep reading

Reality Sets In

Ironman Canada 2011 Finisher Photo

Yesterday I went for my first open water swim in a year. I thought it had been longer, but I remembered that last year I attempted to swim across the lake by my mother-in-law’s house. After I did that my back seized up because I had hardly swum and I was so out of shape that it felt like it rejected my effort. That was my reality call last year. I listened and spent a few months finding a decent massage therapist (actually I found an AMAZING one). The past year has been an interesting one trying to find a … Keep reading

My Volunteer Experience


This was my first time volunteering at Ironman, but being an athlete made me very prepared for all of my jobs over the past few days. Bike check-in I had the hardest job at bike check-in: traffic flow. It sucked. There were 2400 athletes stressed out and not really knowing where to go. My job was to direct them out of the area. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the other person did what they were supposed to do in directing them at a corner. I had to argue with people and try to give them directions “around the … Keep reading

First Impressions the Second Time Around

Simple foods are amazing. No processing, no preservatives, no sugar or salt. Just food. This simple wrap is simply jasmine brown rice, refried beans, green peppers, tomato, and mushrooms. I used Braggs as seasoning. Delicious!

The trip to Coeur d’Alene was uneventful. Except for the 6-hour delay due to forgetting to renew my passport. It was a costly mistake that really threw me off, but I persevered and made it to the rental house I’m sharing around 2am. On the drive I listened to the audio book of Tyler Hamilton’s “The Secret Race.” It sure did keep me up and will probably change how I watch the Tour de France from now on. I want to “read” the rest of the book before I give my book review, but for now I want to say … Keep reading

Another Ironman First

IMCDA swim

This coming up weekend I am excited to be an Ironman Coeur d’Alene volunteer! It will be the first time I will have volunteered at Ironman. For the past year I have been stressed and beginning to train for this race. As you readers will know I pulled out a couple of months ago because I was just not ready. After transferring my registration to Ironman Silverman 70.3 (a half IM) in October, I knew that I was still going to have to go to Coeur d’Alene. On one hand I shake my head at myself because I rented a … Keep reading

Consistently Inconsistent

I got my legs back!

Last week was a tough week. I actually wrote a blog post about being consistently inconsistent and it turned out to be a self-prophesying post. I was busy and tired and did the best that I could, but I didn’t get on my bike and I didn’t swim. I took the term “rest week” to a whole new level where I did so much resting, I did a whole lot of not much else. However, I went on my walks and I restfully recovered. This week is already off to a better start with a great swim today. This morning I … Keep reading

Training buddies are the shit

This is Blair. He is proudly almost 70 years old and he kicked my ass on Friday. He told me he'd make me bike faster next time. I'd better get training!

Last year I moved to a small town to be with my partner and his kiddos. It has taken some time to settle in and I’m still not completely there. However, I’m starting to get to know people, and I’m noticing and enjoying the perks of small-town life more than I used to. Training has been a big issue for me since moving for lots of reasons. One of those reasons is lack of training buddies. A few weeks ago I thought that I might be able to start a little running group, or at least a walking group. I … Keep reading

Training the last few weeks has been going so much better! I’ve been running and running (with walking breaks of course) with absolutely no foot pain! It has been great and I completely credit my massage therapist for it, along with my following his orders to do foot exercises. Biking has been a bit of another story. In mid-March we went on a family vacation to Phoenix, AZ to see my sister get married and to spend some time in the sun. This winter has been absolutely completely brutal and I am cursing mother nature and this early-season Ironman race. … Keep reading

Raw Vegan Olympian: Alexey Voyevoda

Alexey Voyevoda is a World Champion arm wrestler and an Olympic bobsledder from Russia. He is a big guy…. like, really big, weighing in at 253 pounds and stands 6’4″. I would love a photo beside him as I’m 4’11″ and 130lb. That would be a great photo! Yesterday his team won the 2-man bobsled competition at the 2014 Sochi Olympics and the prominent fact about him was that he is a raw vegetarian (vegan?). Before that was announced I had no idea. Of course I wanted to know more about this guy! PETA has a good, but short, article … Keep reading

The Biggest Loser, Indeed

Rachel The Biggest Loser

Over the last few months I got hooked on The Biggest Loser. I really and truly never thought that I would say that! Reality tv is not really something that I enjoy and I had never watched any of the previous 14 seasons. However, it airs at a time that is convenient between a couple of my favourite Tuesday tv shows. I really enjoyed TBL’s positive messages about healthy living and eating, and helping people to feel empowered over their food addictions. The trainers helped talk them through some of the underlying issues that was part of their unhealthy lifestyle. … Keep reading